ID Medical has launched a turnaround service for care homes and hospitals due to client demand as a result of growing pressures on the healthcare sector.

According to the healthcare recruiter, the new service is aimed at healthcare institutions that have an urgent need to implement improvements in patient care, following poor or failed Care Quality Commission inspection or those organisations seeking to improve upon general service delivery.

The ID Medical’s Turnaround Service (IDMTS) is made up of a multi-functional team of experienced and operational professionals from the healthcare sector and partner industries, who have been working nationally as turnaround specialists in their respective fields and have been brought together under the ID Medical Group to establish the new service.

The service sees the team work with medical institutions’ service management teams to: drive improvements; achieve sustained and sustainable standards of patient safety and care; improve performance and efficiency; drive culture change to support best practice and learning; and provide expertise, reactive support and additional resources in key areas of healthcare management and clinical practice.

The team’s main focus is working collaboratively to develop solutions to implement change and drive improvements in patient care, while advising and assisting in all areas of operational recovery or enhancement and achieving regulatory compliance. Institutions also benefit from having access to ID Medical’s resources, including ID Medical School and its more than 100,000 work-ready doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

A spokesperson for ID Medical told Recruiter the decision to launch the service was also fuelled by client demand: “With the growing pressures on healthcare and the frequent media mention of closing medical centres or entering prosecution, there is clearly an urgent necessity for a robust and comprehensive turnaround service.

“For an NHS Trust to employ a turnaround team on a full-time permanent basis, it is likely that this would not be the most cost effective or efficient route for the trust. The ability to work on a project basis utilising a turnaround team for only as long as the project requires, not only increases cost efficiency, but also ensures that the trust is able to benefit from the best available expertise within the chosen turnaround area, while complementing the existing expertise within our clients permanent workforce.”

The spokesperson added another reason for the launch is because while there are firms operating in the sector who enter failing hospitals and care homes that identify defects, they do not take the action necessary for these establishments to attain the required CQC ratings.

“Often trusts do not have the requisite staff or experience to complete the recommendations, and this is where IDMTS differs, in that we remain until the job is fully completed. IDMTS will perform a deep dive in the areas that have been identified, from which a blueprint is created, then work on site with the clients’ teams to achieve the required outcome. Our IDMTS team is comprised of a selection of professionals highly experienced in the act of turning around inadequate or deficient healthcare services.

“However, this sui generis [unique] service is not purely for remedial action; it is also applicable to all healthcare establishments to ensure required standards are always met, whether undergoing CQC inspection or not.”

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